colorful graphic that says anti-racism in academia, a learning journey

Anti-Racism in Academia (ARiA): A Learning Journey is a grassroots, volunteer-led effort. ARiA provides a way for higher education employees to engage in self-examination primarily through national, intersectional conversations and guides them on a journey from head (understanding) to heart (empathy) to feet (action). Our emphasis is on the individual’s journey to critical consciousness around anti-racism, equity and inclusion. We insist that change at the individual level complements work at the institutional level, and the power of both can push forward the systemic transformations necessary to create an inherently inclusive and just academy.


Reach out to people from different social identities than your own.


Listen to their perspectives and lived experiences.


Learn from those conversations and credible sources with the goal of reaching critical consciousness around marginalization.


Act with intent and steadfast commitment to affect change within your spheres of influence.


Persist to sustain your allyship and advocacy efforts.