ARiA’s signature program is the #ROLLAP series. It’s a virtual, highly interactive discussion series centered around what we believe are 5 fundamental practices to optimizing how effectively you can contribute to building inclusive cultures. 

  1. REACH OUT to people from different racial (and other identities) backgrounds than your own.
  2. LISTEN to their perspectives and lived experiences.
  3. LEARN from conversations and credible sources with the goal of achieving critical conscientiousness around racism and other forms of marginalization.
  4. ACT in thoughtful ways with intent and steadfast commitment to affect change within your spheres of influence.
  5. PERSIST to sustain your diversity efforts. 

These topics are covered oner per month over a 5 month period through 90-minute private, virtual meetings with 7 participants and 2 co-facilitators. Pre-session materials are provided and form the basis of the content and discussion that take place in each session. Sessions are governed by thoughtfully crafted rules of engagement to help ensure a fertile environment for courage, curiosity, and vulnerability. 

These sessions are not:

  • webinars
  • lectures
  • passive activities

The active and highly participative experience is designed to evoke self-reflection and therein an examination of our own beliefs in the context of the diverse experiences of others and understanding of core concepts such as relationship development, active listening, the history of systemic racism, allyship, and resilience.