Anti-racism is a variety of practices we must continuously enact. Simply attending educational events does not equate to practicing anti-racism. The purpose of ARiA’s resources, including its Slack community, is to promote continued growth during, between, and after its signature #ROLLAP program held annually. Our ancillary events and community spaces, like Slack, are designed to initiate and cultivate ongoing relationships between and among ARiA event participants. We are all stronger together.

The following guidelines will help ensure that conversations and interactions in ARiA activities are safe and productive for everyone. All public discussions, such as during events or in the Slack community, will be monitored by the ARiA team and appointed moderators. Failure to adhere to these guidelines could result in removal from ARiA activities.

Disclaimer: ARiA events and platforms are resources provided and supported by ARiA. However, the opinions expressed in any of these spaces belong to the people who share them and may not necessarily reflect ARiA’s views. While ARiA will do it’s best to ensure quality discussions in community settings, ARiA cannot guarantee that claims made by individual participants are factual or truthful. By engaging in ARiA resources and spaces, you agree that ARiA is not responsible for damages resulting from the use, communication, or performance of the community, including indirect or consequential damages.


The ARiA leadership team serves as moderators for this community platform and reserves the right to use our discretion to manage the community and to appoint moderators to assist us in managing the community platform.

Communications Rules

Please keep your conversations focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, social justice, and anti-racism. Communications (public or private) should be respectful and professional. ARiA would like to remind everyone that facets of communication like tone and body language are lost in text and we ask that you assume positive intentions from others.

  • Be respectful, thoughtful, patient, and professional
  • Do not share content or behave in ways that are illegal, threatening, invasive, or obscene
  • Only share copyrighted content with proper permission
  • If you have a conflict of interest, you must disclose it (like recommending articles you have written)
  • Avoid posting content in ways that are visually irritating (all caps, excessive use of emojis, etc)
  • Avoid using memes, images or GIFs that promote digital blackface
  • Make an effort to be accessible in your communications (for example, always embed links behind text. If you share a screenshot, describe the image)

Improper Uses

The following uses will result in your removal from participating in all ARiA programs and spaces. ARiA reserves the right to use our discretion in determining whether or not an offense has violated a rule.

  • Use of obscene, profane, or inflammatory language
  • Use of slurs or repeated use of non-inclusive language that you have been asked not to use
  • Use of the community for marketing or sales
  • Stalking, harassment, invasive, or otherwise threatening behavior
  • Illegal activity

If you feel anyone has violated these rules, you can contact us.

Slack Specific Rules

Reporting Issues to Administrators

To report inappropriate behaviors or comments to administrators, the best method is to share the comment to the #admin-report channel in Slack. This channel is moderated by all administrators and moderators, so your report can be addressed as quickly as possible. You are free to share screenshots, direct message, or tag an individual administrator or moderator, but because this is a volunteer based organization, this method does not guarantee the most expedient possible response.


Message History

Slack messages are searchable, so people may be able to go back and view your previous commentary. Slack also readily turns over information for Freedom of Information Act requests, so even comments that are no longer searchable may still be requested. 


Promotional Messages and Advertising

Unsolicited or irrelevant promotion will be considered a violation of proper usage of this platform and grounds for removal of the offending account. If you do share something promotional, you must disclose if you work for the organization, receive profit or commissions from sales, or any other conflict of interest.



Announcements related to DEI and anti-racism events, publications, etc. are welcomed. Announcements should be clear, concise, contain contact information, and should be accessible (ie, a picture of a flyer should be accompanied by a text equivalent).



Endorsements are acceptable if they answer a question posed by a community member. If the endorsement comes from a company member/representative/employee/consultant, they must disclose a conflict of interest and the endorsement may not be blatantly commercial. 


Job Postings

Job postings related to DEI and anti-racism are welcomed. Other job postings may be shared only with permission from the ARiA team.