ARiA is a grassroots movement founded in 2020 and is all volunteer-led at this time. 


A higher education landscape that prioritizes supporting individual journeys towards critical consciousness. This is an important step to creating an equity-centered culture that enables the dismantling of systems and structures that perpetuate marginalization of unrepresented groups. 


We want to build an alliance of people and organizations in higher education to support individuals in effectively navigating their personal journeys towards becoming effective allies, or at least to minimize their contributions to systemic issues. 


  • Connect individuals from across higher education to engage in self-discovery and examination 
  • Create an opportunity for individuals to acknowledge where they are in their journeys (knowledge, self-awareness, preparedness)
  • Provide tools and experiences to help individuals identify pathways towards appropriate and effective action in the context of their [higher ed] workplaces


We are committed to…

  • creating spaces for discussion that embrace vulnerability, courage, and curiosity so that people can explore, share, and learn without judgment
  • contextualizing anti-racism concepts to aid in individual self-examination
  • recruiting, developing, and empowering a network of dialogue facilitators across higher ed

Waiting To Do Something Is Effectively Doing Nothing. The Time Is Now.